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Catalog Number VS2001.0967
Object Name Book
Scope & Content ALL IN THE DAY'S RIDING by Will James, Illustrated by the Author. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York and London, 1933. See media file for dust jacket front and back, title page, dedication page "To my friend Earl", signed Will James '33, with a drawing of two hands clasped together and the two arms linked by a strand of rope.

Items in the YAM holdings from this book:
VS1993.020, p. 13, "To sort of take..."
VS1993.010, p. 73, "My horse's legs..."
VS1993.004, p. 158, "Christmas is only..."
VS1993.022, p. 19, "Once in a while..."
VS1993.029, p. 135, Beef Roundup...
VS1993.041, p. 183, "That's him..."
VS1993.046, p. 96, "I'd rode over many..."
VS1993.047, p. 165, "To train them..."
VS1993.054, p. 53, "He'd rather hear..."
VS1993.069, opposite Table of Contents, "I didn't know..."
VS1993.079, p. 2, The Cowboy of today...
VS1993.082, p. 253, "He was a good hand..."
VS1993.084, p. 44, "One rider finds..."
VS1993.085, p. 58, "She'll hit for the..."
VS1993.088, p. 91, "It was there..."
VS1993.102, p. 202, "I was right with..."
VS1993.106, p. 136, "Bucking the drifts..."
VS1993.108, p. 66, "In the next second..."
VS1993.109, p. 149, Riding for a Prize
VS1993.111, p. 61, "I'd ride in a..."
VS1993.112, p. 29, "Things went so fast..."
VS1994.009, p. 37, "Fifteen minutes from..."
VS1995.015, p. 247, "There's not much use for..."
VS2001.0451, print only, (man throwing wide loop)

VS1995.017, "A Cowboy to Be".
VS1999.030, p. 200, "He was just plain jealous"
VS1995.012, "He'd nicker back at the pardner"
VS1993.087, "Two shakes and our ropes..."
VS1993.090, p. 144, The Spring Roundup
VS2001.0527, loose sketch (man on bucking horse), p. 37
VS2001.0416, printing plate, p. 140, "All they needed..."
VS2001.0435, printing plate, p. 140, smaller size of
VS2001.0416 plate, "All they needed..."
VS2001.0429, printing plate, p. 198 (horse chasing wolf)
VS2001.0439, printing plate, p. 6 (man warming hands)
VS2001.0434, printing plate, p. 6, smaller version of
VS2001.0439 plate, (man warming hands over fire)
VS2001.0424, printing plate for VS1995.017
VS2001.0403, printing plate, p. 117, "He had many tricks..."
VS2001.0405, printing plate, p. 200, for VS1999.030,
"He was just plain jealous..."
VS2001.0437, printing plate for VS1995.012, "He'd nicker back.."
VS2001.0427, printing plate, p. 211, "Twice he done that..."
VS2001.0413, printing plate for VS1993.087, "Two shakes..."
VS2001.0440, printing plate, opposite p. 1 (saddled horse)
VS2001.0431, printing plate, p. 252, (Indian squatting...)
VS2001.0418, printing plate, p. 135 (man feeding burro)
VS2001.0409, printing plate, p. 37, (man on bucking horse),
(for loose sketch, see VS2001.0527)
VS2001.0433, printing plate, p. 147 (man and herd of horses)
VS2001.0397, printing plate, p. 144, for VS1993.090, The Spring
Creator James, Will
Title Book, ALL IN THE DAY'S RIDING, first edition, dj, inscribed 1933
Collection Virginia Snook Collection